Welcome to CNO Development Labs

What is it?

This is a studio where we create, dissect and research anything under the umbrella of Computer Network Operations(CNO). This includes(but is not limited to):
1. Exploit development
2. Implant development
3. Reversing captured exploits/malware and repurposing them
4. Researching existing and novel ways of bypassing PSPs
5. Scouting adversarial tools, tradecraft and OPSEC
6. Detection/mitigation of advanced threats

Who is it intended for?

The intended audience is:
1. Advanced Adversary Simulation Specialists
2. Network Exploitation and Vulnerability Research Engineers
3. Red Team Operators/Penetration Testers
4. Hobbyists
5. Defenders
6. Folks doing low-level development on the East Coast of the US?
The use of any material from this site on unauthorised systems is not only highly discouraged but also strictly forbidden. Furthermore, in the event of an infraction, the author shall not be held liable in any way for any damage caused by unsavoury characters with malicious intent.

Why did I make this?

Simply put, this is my attempt to bring some high-quality CNO R&D to the eyes of the public without requiring a TS/SCI Clearance with a Full Scope Polygraph or CI Polygraph but also without any harm to national security.
But seriously, this is nothing more than my personal notes about some stuff I am interested in and have some experience in that I decided to share with the community by nicely packaging it up with a bow.

Is there a private version of this available? How about a paid one?

I have got two answers for you:
1. I am not aware of the existence of a private version paid or otherwise.
2. Even if I was, no offence, I wouldn't talk about it sober(get me drunk perhaps?)
You can take your pick :)

How do I reach you?

Apart from my public email which is [email protected], my Twitter DMs are also open(for now).
For secure communication, here is my PGP key:
Key Fingerprint = 76AC 0431 E963 5DE4 9AD5 E525 962A FFE9 E7C3 88AF
And here is my Session ID if you wanted to contact me that way:
Please don't hesitate to reach out to me in case you have any doubts regarding any topic, spotted an error of any kind on any page or feel that I haven't credited your work/someone else's work appropriately etc.
Enjoy your stay here!
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